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I am a student Intern for the Texas Public Service Association which is an organization that hosts competitions for those interested in a career in Public Service (basically HOSA for Criminal Justice). While only an intern, I have made a big impact on the organization by automating many tasks and boosting its digital presence. My Criminal Justice teacher (Mrs. Hassler Newsom) is on the state board for the organization and under her, I helped organize and plan the last two state conferences with over 1,000 attendees each, designed their website, and launched a couple digital services. Here is a list of all digital related items I have completed.

  • Helped implement the statewide online membership and competition management suite.
  • Set-up, integrated and launched the support ticketing system which has helped resolve more than 300+ issues.
  • Upgraded the outdated paper lunch ticket system. The old system took 4+ hours to set-up and serve lunch to all attendees, while the new digital system scanned, verified, and admitted more than 700+ people into the food line in under 90 mins while allowing us to rapidly make changes to lunch selection and issue lunch to guests.
  • Built and maintain the current website for TPSA (
  • Manage the Domain Name System for all our sites
  • Set up a custom domain account ( to allow competitors to easily access information (Our regular domain is
  • Designed TPSA's Brand (
  • Maintained the site so that all 6,577 users from across the state get quick (avg. page load speed of under 2 seconds) and easy access to all information and systems that TPSA uses.
  • Set-up the email communication system that automatically sends out official updates to 264 students, parents, and advisors.
  • Launched our new online Judge Scoring System by setting up 50 Kindle Fire Tablets with a Mobile Device Management system to allow us to restrict judges to just our system by enforcing device policies such as a kiosk mode, battery health preservation, location geofencing, and remote device viewing.
  • Developed a system called Collec to collect medical releases from all competitors online, each school can track who has/hasn't submitted their document and allows conference staff to view critical medical information in case of an emergency. (Launches next year)