In the Texas Public Service Association it was clear that we wanted to move everything to digital. One of the last items we had to move was medical releases and forms. We originally thought people could just email them to us. We realized it wasn't feasible to sort through thousands of emails. It was clear we needed a way to track submissions and progress of students submitting forms, and allow their teachers to track it aswell. I went to work building a system from scratch!

The Web Portal

The web portal I designed is my first project to be made completely from scratch. I coded it in plain HTML, JS while utilizing JQuery. I didn't focus so much on the visual design so I used the CSS Framework It utilizes Firebase Authentication for user accounts and Firebase Realtime Database for data storage. Users can login, sign-up, verify their email, and reset their password. Advisors can login and see their students completed/in-progress documents. The site is hosted on the platform Netlify.

The Back-end

The backend of the site is serverless functions running on and the form signing service HelloWorks. Students receive emails prompting them to sign the documents, and once done the parents get the same thing. Each time a form is completed the functions update the Firebase database which updates changes live on the portal. Data is populated into the system via a different membership system via webhook.